Ceud mile failte gu CyberClan Kilpatrick
(One hundred thousand welcomes to CyberClan Kilpatrick)
"Here's tae us, whae's like us, damn few and they're awe deid"
This all started with a bit of genealogical research into my ancestry.I found a large number of Kilpatricks on America Online and thought it would be interesting to get them all together in a private chat to exchange family information. The project grew and grew until we had a large number of families involved, and, I decided to put together a web page on the internet. Thus the Great CyberClan Kilpatrick was born.

These pages are dedicated to Kilpatrick family history, and the family connection to the Scots, Irish, and Celts. Anyone having information, photographs, stories, family stories, or artwork are invited to have them considered for posting on these pages.

There are many individual members, family members, descendants of Kilpatricks and Kirkpatricks who left Scotland and Ireland to come to America.  These families left their homelands either as a result of the conflicts that were occurring in Scotland and Ireland or just to find a new life here in this great land.  As the bloodlines filtered down through the generations, thinning somewhat, we never forgot where we came from.  Whether we still bear the surname that our ancestors started with or have another name that our lines picked up along the way, we still have the Celtic blood, whether it be Scot, Irish, Welsh, or a combination of all three.  I doubt that there is one among our kin who does not  get a chill and goose bumps from hearing the Pipes or War drums of the Celts, Scots, or Irish, it is built into our genes. 

I would like to invite all visitors to explore our website to get some sense of who the Kilpatricks are.  I was able to obtain, from Mr. Charles Henderson of Scotland, two great photographs of Closeburn Castle, which was build by the Kirkpatricks (Kilpatricks) in the 14th century. 

The Kilpatrick family dates back to 860 A.D in the Country of Albin, or, as it was later named, Scotland. The old castle took it's name, Closeburn, from Clota near the source of  the River Clyde, where the founder of the family was born sometime during the reign of King Donald I, who took his throne in the year 860 A.D.

John Kilpatrick 


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