Kilpatrick Coat-of-Arms
Irish Version

Meaning of the Coat-of-Arms:

Sable a saltire argent, on a chief azure three fleur-de-lie or.


A dragon reguardant vert surmounted of a lion guardant sable dexter paw resting on the dragon's head.


1.  Geare lader aboe (Might is right)

2.  Ceart Laidir Abu (Might is right)

3.  Fortis sub forte fatiscet (The brave may yeild to 
     the brave)

Variations of the Name: 
Mac Giolla Phadraig, MacGilpatrick, MacKilpatrick, Kilpatrick, McIlpatrick, Fitzpatrick, MacSertha, Shera, Fitz, Fitch, Patrick, Parrican, Parogan, Patchy

History of the Name:

The Surname Fitzpatrick is the English format of the Irish Mac Giolla Phádraig. It is the only surname with the Fitz prefix of Irish origin. All others are of Norman descent. Giolla Phádraig (the devoted of St. Patrick) was King of Ossory, a kingdom in Leinster in Ireland. According to Carrigan, this kingdom was founded by Aengus Osrith who flourished some time about the latter half of the second century of the Christian era. Giolla Phádraig’s reign commenced some eight centuries later in 976 AD and he reigned until he was slain in 996 AD. His sons were styled Mac Giolla Phádraig (son of Giolla Phádraig). As part of the colonisation of Ireland by England, natural Irish names had to be restyled in the English format. Mac Giolla Phádraig was anglicised as Fitzpatrick. The Clan name is found throughout the world and several individuals and families have been prominent. These include the Earls of Upper Ossory (lineal descendants of The Giolla Phádraig) who were interwoven into English politics from the time of Henry VIII until the last of the Earls died, without male issue, in 1937. The Family of Sir Percy FitzPatrick made a major contribution to the political formation of South Africa. Major Thomas (Broken-Hand) Fitzpatrick, from Cavan, Indian Agent to the Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes brought peace to the plains Indians of North America in 1851 at Fort Laramie. Fitzpatrick’s have also contributed, with significant influence and success, in high office in Ireland, Canada, India and the United States.