Kilpatrick Coat-of-Arms
Scottish Version
BLAZON OF ARMS: Argent a saltire and chief azure the last charged with three cushions or. 

TRANSLATION: Argent (white) denotes Peace and Sincerity. The Saltire signifies Perserverance, the chief Dominion, the cushions Authority. 

CREST: A hand holding a dagger in pale distilling drops of blood. 

TRANSLATION: The hand and dagger signify Military Honour. 

MOTTO: I make sure 

ORIGIN: Scotland 

In 1232 A.D. the Kilpatrick/Kirkpatrick coat-of-arms was authorized by King Alexander II of Scotland. The crest of the coat-of-arms, a hand holding a dagger dripping with blood represents the instrument used by Sir Roger Kilpatrick when he went to the Church of Grey Friars and killed the tyrant Comyn, thus ending his rule and saved Scotland for King Robert the Bruce. The motto on the  coat-of- arms, "I Make Sure" or "I Make Sicar" also refers to the same circumstance, meaning that he had made sure that Scotland's arch enemy was dead.