Bannachra Castle

The lands and castle of Bannachra lie at the southern end of the Parish of Luss, they were originally part of the ancient kingdom of the Lennox.  It is unknown who built the castle or when it was built, but it was in Colquhoun hands in the 16th century and remained so until 1770 when it was sold to James Donaldson of Glasgow.. 

The Castle is in roughly the shape of a parallelogram, being approximately 46 feet long and 24 feet wide.  The building was three stories high with a barrel vaulted basement, a main or hall floor and an attic floor. 

Bannachra Castle is currently owned by Mr. Hamish Lumsden, whose family has owned the lands on which the castle is since the 19th century when it came into the possession of Sir. James Lumsden.

The castle overlooks Glen Fruin and the views over the Glen and across Loch Lomond are spectacular. 

The castle, which is reputed to be on the site of a former  construction, was probably build in the 16th century.  It would be better described as a Hall-house, the walls quite thin.  The windows carry narrow plain chamfers on the external jams, and there are indications that shot-holes existed under some of them at first floor level. 

The badly broken corners on the north gable indicate that they probably carried corner turrents projected on corbels.  It is thought the south east corner may have had a similar turret.

The Castle is a category B listed building and of historical interest.  With the help of Historic Scotland, the preservation of the Castle remains is being put in hand.

From the booklet
"Bannachra Castle" 
published by the Clan Colquhoun Society of the United Kingdom, 1998
(The photographs to illustrate this web page were taken by John Kilpatrick, in September, 2000)