Clan Colquhoun
The name of Colquhoun was taken from the Barony of Colquhoun which lay along the hills to the north of Kilpatrick in Dumbartonshire.  At a time in history when "surnames" did not exist, people used a Christian name and were further identified by where they lived or by some personal characteristic, even by their trade.

In the 12th century "Humphrey or Umfridus" lived at Kilpatrick on the banks of the River Clyde.  The name Kilpatrick refers to "the church of Patrick", or St. Patrick, the village of Old Kilpatrick being the birthplace of St. Patrick.   Humphrey of Kilpatrick was granted the barony of Colquhoun in the 13th century and he became known of Humphrey of Colquhoun. 

In the 14th century, Robert de Colquhoun married the daughter of Godfrey, Laird of Luss upon Loch Lomondside, and as she was heiress to the lands of Luss, these passed to her husband, Robert de Colquhoun who became known as Robert Colquhoun of Luss. 

Others of the Kilpatrick family who did not move to the Loch Lomond area to live remained around the Clyde in Dumbartonshire and further south, retaining their own surnames. 

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Since Kilpatricks and Kirkpatricks are associated with Clan Colquhoun, actually Septs of Clan Colquhoun, we are allowed to wear the Colquhoun Tartan and the Colquhoun Clan Badge. We are also eligable for membership in the Clan Colquhoun International Society, please visit their website where you can find out more about the Clan and obtain membership applications if you desire.

Clan Colquhoun International Society

The Clan Colquhoun International Society is working to preserve the history of the Colquhouns which includes all of the various names associated:
Colquhoun, Kilpatrick, Kirkpatrick, Cowan, MacCowan, Ingram, Laing, MacMain, MacManus, MacClintock, MacLinden, MacOwen, Calhoun, Kulhain, MacLintock.