Dunglass Castle

The original lands of the family of Colquhoun were along rhe river Clyde at the village of Kilpatrick.  This was where Unfridus de Kilpatrick had his holding when granted the lands of Colquhoun.  On the banks of the river stood the castle of Dunglass.  There is very little of the original castle remaining now, just some baseline stones along the wall that remains from later buildings.  The castle was about three miles south-east of the much more imposing castle of Dumbarton. 

It is said that the castle was built in about 1380, and was certainly used as a residence by Sir. John Colquhoun, Chamberlain of Scotland, during the period from 1439-1478.  The castle was not as formidable as Dumbarton Castle, but it's position commanded the movement of shipping on the river Clyde and was therefore of military significance.

From the booklet
"The Castle of Dunglass"
published by the Clan Colquhoun Society of the United Kingdom, 1998
(The photographs to illustrate this web page were taken by John Kilpatrick, in September, 2000)