Glen Fruin
Despite the many legends that have been woven and embellished, it would seem that the raid into Glenfruin by the MacGregors and sundry lawless highlanders from varioius clans was just another in a continuing series of attacks undertaken by the Clan MacGregor, as it had done many, many years before.  On this occasion, armed with a warrant from the king to raise men to protect his property, Alexander Colquhoun and his freinds met the raiders head on. .

From then on, retribution was swift and suprisingly severe.  Today Glenfruin is realatively empty, but little else has changed along this quiet glen, and up on the hill at the western head of the Glen stands the monument to those who fought and died that day.

The inscription reads:

Near this spot
The Battle of Glenfruin
was fought
Clan Colquhoun
and Clan Gregor
on 7th February

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From the booklet
"A Brief Account of the events
in Glenfruin, 1603" 
published by the Clan Colquhoun Society of the United Kingdom, 1998
(The photographs to illustrate this web page were taken by John Kilpatrick, in September, 2000)