Church of Old Kilpatrick

Old Kilpatrick is where the origins of Colquhouns lie, when in 1246 Humphry of Kilpatrick received the barony of Colquhoun.  The Barony extended along the banks of the Clyde, just east of Dumbarton and up into the Kilpatrick Hills which rise up to twelve hundred feet above the river. 

The church was believed to have been constructed in the 12th century.  The original construction stood for over five centuries, when due to its dilapidated condition, it was demolished and a new building erected in 1812.

In the graveyard most traces of Colquhouns have gone, though we know many are interred here, one dating from 1699.  On display in the churchyard is a carved effigy of a knight from one of the tombstones, it is 14th century and probably one of  the early Colquhoun Lords. 

The effigy, standing over six feet tall, is fastened by large iron staples to the outside wall of the church. The figure appears to be a well armed knight, however there is no inscription on the stone.  It is executed in a style which suggests it is a fourteenth century sculpture. 

From the booklet
"A Guide through the Clan Colquhoun Lands" 
published by the Clan Colquhoun Society of the United Kingdom, 2000
(The photographs to illustrate this web page were taken by John Kilpatrick, in September, 2000)