Descendants of Brice Kilpatrick 
The following information was provided by
Walter John Kiger
The Kilpatrick Family
Written by A.J. Kilpatrick
(Grandson of Brice Kilpatrick)
Written after March 22, 1917
copied by 
Elma O. Kilpatrick
(August, 1947)

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Of said Township of Benton County of Paulding, State of Ohio.

2. Andrew Kilpatrick was the second son of William and Esther Kilpatrick. He was born in February, A.D., 1824 in Pike County, Ohio. He died in infancy in the above county and state.

3. Benjamin F. Kilpatrick was the third son of William and Esther (Mead) Kilpatrick. He was born March 26, A.D., 1825 in Pike County, Ohio. He was married twice in Paulding County, Ohio. His first wife was Nancy (Anderson) Kilpatrick by whom he had eight children, three boys and five girls.
 His second wife was Hester (Miller) Snellenberger by whom he had one daughter, Florence, who was married to Edward Wahl. They live in Payne, Ohio.

4. Peter M. Kilpatrick was the fourth son of William and Esther (Mead) Kilpatrick. He was born June 23, A.D., 1826 and died in his infant state.

5. Laura A. Kilpatrick was the first daughter of William and Esther (Mead) Kilpatrick and was born November 26, A.D., 1827. She married John Kigar and raised a large family of children and died January 27, A.D., 1891.

6. Rebecca O. Kilpatrick was the second daughter of William and Esther (Mead) Kilpatrick. She was born July 20, A.D., 1829 and died; May 4, A.D., 1848 with pneumonia which was brought on by the measles settling on her lungs. She was about eighteen years old when she died.

7.Susannah Kilpatrick was the fourth (third?)daughter of William and Esther (Mead) Kilpatrick.  She was born March 29, A.D., 1831 and died May, A.D., 1850 with what is now called tuberculosis. She was about nineteen years old when she died.

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Benjamin F. Kilpatrick’s Family

1. Isaac Newton Kilpatrick was the first son of Benjamin F.,  and Nancy (Anderson) Kilpatrick.  He was born in Paulding County, Ohio. He is married and lives in Continental, Putnam County, Ohio. He is a mechanic.

2. Benjamin F. Kilpatrick, Jr. Was the second son of Benjamin F., and Nancy (Anderson) Kilpatrick. He was born in Paulding county, Oho. He went to Kansas and was married. Then he moved to Oklahomas where he yet lives. He was a carpenter and a blacksmith. He now lives at Supply, Oklahoma.

3. Cyrus Milton Kilpatrick was the third son of Benjamin F., and Nancy Kilpatrick. He is living yet but never married.
 Of Benjamin F. Kilpatrick’s six girls, three died before marriage;  Esther M., Alice V., and Arminda Jane. The other three were married.

Laura A. (Kilpatrick) Kigar’s family

1. Sarah J. Kigar was John and Laura A. (Kilpatrick) Kigar’s first daughter. She married Henry Anglemyer. They moved to Colorado where she died with Bright’s (kidney) disease.

2. Mary Esther Kigar ws John and Laura A. Kigar’s second daughter. She married Henry Hurd.  They have their home in Northwestern Ohio. (Henry County, Ohio, I think.)

3. William H. Kigar was John and Laura A. Kigar’s first son. He married Mary Fieldmire. He now lives in Fulton County, Ohio. They have two daughters. They are both married.

4. George W. Kigar was John and Laura A. Kigar’s second son. He married Mary Thompson and to this union seven children were born. Three girls and four boys. All of these children lived and are
are now married except ‘little Bessie D., who died in her girlhood when about eleven years old.

5. Katharine E. Kigar was John and Laura A. Kigar’s third daughter. She married Wilson Fauver.  During their marriage relation, their home was in Ohio.

6. Nancy M. Kigar was John and Laura A. Kigar’s fourth daughter she married Barney E. Warren. They have had their home in Springfield Ohio for many years.

7. John W. Kigar was John and Laura A. Kigar’s third son. He married Lucy Thompson who was a sister to his brother George’s wife.

8. Bennett F. Kigar was John and Laura A. Kigar’s fourth son. He died in infancy.

9. Stephen A. Kigar was John and Laura A. Kigar’s fifth son. He died in infancy.

10. Elias J. Kigar was John and Laura A. Kigar’s sixth son. He married Hattie Smith. They live in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

11. Albert L. Kigar was John and Laura A. Kigar’s seventh son. He married Ella Rhinearson. They also live in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Joseph Warren Kilpatrick’s Family

1. Mary Kilpatrick was the first daughter of Joseph W., and Emily (Anderson) Kilpatrick. She was born in Paulding County, Ohio. She married twice. Her first husband was Robert Fredrick by whom she had children. Her second husband was Aaron Wood by whom whe had children.

2. Anna Kilpatrick was Joseph and Emily Kilpatrick’s second daughter. She was married to William Rheiley by whom she had children, one of which drowned in a well. They now live in Arkansas.

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Kigar Family History

John Kigar and Laura Ann Kilpatrick Kigar 1800 - 1945

Pg 1. Brice Kilpatrick, at the age of 12 years, left his widowed mother in Belfast Ireland and came to America with a wealthy family by the name of McBurney, under the indenture agreement to work off the cost of his passage. Probable date of birth, 1763.

His son, William, was born in Stuben Co., New York on 14 September, 1798.  William married Esther Meade on 16 October, 1821 in Scioto Co., Ohio. Esther was born in Orange Co., New York in July, 1800. She died 1 May, 1875.
William and Esther came to Paulding Co., in 1858, many years after their son, William Harrison Kilpatrick settled in Ohio.

William and Esther (Mead) Kilpatrick had nine (9) children, William Harrison, Andrew, Benjamine, Peter, John, Joe, Alexander Jackson, Laura Ann (Married John Kigar, son of John Kigar), Elisa (married Abe Dick).

Pg. 2  Kigar, #1000, John Joseph Kigar married Mary Esther Thompson and were the parents of Sam, Elias, Bill, Joe, George, John and Bennett. Kigar, #1001, Sam Kigar was the father of  Emma, Mary Ellen, Frank, Ada, Jennette, Hattie, Heiman (Herman), Henry, Flora and Alice. Kigar, #1002, Elias Kigar was the father of Arlie and Alta. He served Co. A 78th Ohio Vol, Inf.  Enlisted 10/28/1861. Made Sgt. 12/24/64 and mustered out 7/10/1865. Kigar, #1003, Bill. Kigar #1004, Joe Kigar was the father of Sam, Andy, Mandy, Bill and Mary Jane Koontz. Kigar #1005, George Kigar was a bachlor. Kigar #1006, John Jr., Kigar married Laura Kilpatrick. Kigar #1007, Bennett Kigar was the father of George, Bennett, Jr. and Cyrus, he lived in Liberty Twp, Henry Co., Ohio.

Pg 3. John Kigar, son of John Kigar married Laura Kilpatrick and to them was born twelve (12) children, Sarah Jane in 1848, Mary Esther Hurd born____, William Henry born ____, George Washington born 1854, Katherine Elizabeth Fauver born____, Nancy Melissa Warren, born 1858, Stephen A. Douglas died in infancy, Bennett Franklin died in infancy, John Wesley born 1860, Elias Jasper born  66, Albert born____, Lillie or Nellie died in infancy. John Kigar, Jr., #1006, enlisted in Co. B, 184th Reg., Ohio Vol., on 1/1/1865 at Nepoleon, Ohio and was mustered out 9/20, 1865 at Nashville, Tenn. Not to be confused with John Kigar who enlisted in Co., Am 78th Ohioi Vol., Inf on 10/17/1861 and was made Corp., 12/24/1864 and was mustered out 7/10/1865, who was not of our connection.

Pg 4. Kigar 1006-1, Sarah Jane Kigar, born in 1848, m. Henry Anglemeyer.
5,6,   Their children; Bert 1006-1-1, Charley, 1006-1-2. Frank 1006-1-3, Lavern 1006-1-4. Copy 7,8     Copy of unsigned card to Vernie (Lavern) Kigar, dated 12/23/1908 “Dear Niece, we got here alright and we like it all right so far  -  Address % of F.E. Jones (T) Childress, Texas.

Pg 9  Kigar, 1006-2, Mary Esther Kigar, b. 1850,d-_______  m. Henry Hurd

Pg 9 They lived at Florida, Ohio in Henry Co., they had 11 children Della 1006-2-2, Hetty 1006- 2-3, Laura 1006-2-4, Will 1006-2-5, Edith 1006-2-3, Lou 1006-2-7, Albert 1006-2-8, Helen 1006-2-9, Howard 1006-2-10 (died WWI), Fanny 1006-2-11.

Page 13  Laura Hurd 1006-2-4 m. Biddle Burns (1) & Rube Rigal (2) she had 2 children; Cyril Burns and Mary Burns.

Page 15  Edith Hurd m. _________ Shorpe, address P.O. Box 26 Liberty Center, Ohio.

Page 17  Albert Hurd lived at Antwerp, Ohio.

Page 18  Hellen Hurd m. Floyd Herkimer and lived in Nepoleon, Ohio.

Page 20  William Henry Kigar, #1006-3 b.______d.________m.________to Mary Fieldmyer b____ d. 2/6/____ children, Gladys and Laura.

Page 22  Laura Fieldmyer Kigar  m. Frank Spencer and was living in Morenci, Mich.

Page 23  George Washington Kigar  1006-4,  b. 7/14/1855  d. 7/3/1934  m. Mary Jane Thompson 5/15/1880. She was b. 7/28/1856  d. 2/16/1941. 11 children were born; Bertha Lucinda b. 8/24/1881; Bessie Bell b. 10/12/____;  Harry William  b. 3/4/1886; Mary Olive b. 1/8/1888;  Clair Melvin b. 6/16/1890; Charley Clayton b. 2/14/____; Leslie George b. 10/16/____. George W. Kigar at nearly 80 years of age was living near flatrock creek, five miles SW of Paulding, Ohio. Because of failing health and difficulty in taking care of him, he was taken to State Hospital in Toledo by Dep. Sheriff Kinkade as reported by Paulding Republican.

Page 24  Bertha Lucinda Kigar  1006-4-1, b. 8/24/1881 SW of Payne, Ohio on Flatrock road. Later moved to NW of Payne. Went to the Pio School. Taught school at Tipton, Ohio. M. William Marion Martin, b. ______ Louisville Ky. At Tipton, Ohio they had 10 children; Mary Leila, Marion Pauline, Bertha Enid, Bessie Olive, William Kigar Martin b. 10/24/1912 d. 1/16/1919, Albert Ralph, Floyd Orville, George Virgil, Vivian Lou. Paul Leslie.

Page 25  Mary Leila Martin #1006-4-1-1, b 8/24/1903 at Payne, Ohio, m 9/22/1926 to Myrle Vivian Cross, b. ______they had 3 children; Myrle Vivian, Jr. b. 7/5/1927 at Philadelphia, Pa., Patricia Martin b. 10/24/1930 at Modesto, Calif., Sharon Kathleen b. 1/24/1937 at Kansas City, Mo. Mary Lila Martin now living in Hollywood, Fla.

Page 29  Marion Pauline Martin #1006-4-4-2. B/ 9/22/1906 at Plumfield, Ill., d. 10/21/46, m. W.R. Duft 11/21/1928 at Wauwatosa, Wisc. Who was b. 10/18/1904, d. 5/6/1944 they had one child Marian Pauline b. 3/27/1932.

Page 30  Marian Pauline Martin Duft #1006-4-1-2-1, b. 3/27/1932 in Chicago, Ill. Living in Poneto, Ind.

Page 31  Bertha Enid Martin #1006-4-1-3, b. 6/20/1908, m. M1. Louis Steppenbrink 4/6/1926, one child Dorothy Clair b. 3/29/1927 at Milwaukee, Wisc. Divorced June 1930. M2 M. Eugene Wise who was b. 1904 at Bunconlee, Ill. M3 A.C. Shelby living at Box 154, Gatlinburg, Tenn. 37738.

Page 33  Bessie Olive Martin #1006-4-1-4 b. 12/3/____, M1 _______Oswalt________, M2, R. Dale Kigar ______, Lived in Poneto, Ind, and currently in Bluffton, Ind.  @515 E. Spring St., Apt #1, 46714.

Page 34  William Kigar Martin  #1006-4-1-5, b. 2/21/1912, d. 1/16/1919.

Page 35  Albert Ralph Martin #1006-4-1-6, b. 2/21/1915, m Evelyn Hayes, d. 9/27/____. Had one child, David served WW I, #36977867, PFC, Co. A., 399 Inf., West Frankfort, Ill. Married in 1926.

Page 36  David Martin #1006-4-1-6-1, b.__________.

Page 37  Floyd Orville Martin #1006-4-1-7, b. 11/12/1917, m. 8/?/1927 to Elizabeth Ann Allison b. 21/12/1919. Children Jack William b. 8/31/1934, Donald Allison b. 9/16/1935 and Jimmie Herman b. 6/18/1938. Served in WWII, lives in West Frankfort, Ill.

Page 41  George Virgil Martin #1006-4-1-8, b. 6/22/1920, d. 7/5/1921 at Payne, Ohio, while visiting with his grandparents, Mr and Mrs Geo. Kigar.

Page 42  Vivian Lou Martin #1006-4-1-9, b. 7/15/1922, m. Jerry Reuter lives in Hollywood Calif.

Page 43  Paul Leslie Martin #1006-4-1-10, b. 11/24/1924.

Page 44  Bessie Bell Kigar  #1006-4-2

Page 45  Harry William Kigar #1006-4-3, b. 3/4/1886, m. 5/9/1908 to Grace Underwood b. 8/28/1888. Their children Donald Noble, Madonna Margrette, Harold Leslie, Rollin George and Ruth Alsine. Lived at Gladwin, Mich.

Page 46  Donald Nobele Kigar #1006-4-3-1, b. 2/23/1910, m. 12/24/1931 to Ethel McMahan, their children; Donna Lee, Willard Don and ____________.

Page 47  Donna Lee Kigar #1006-4-3-1-1, b. 1933 in Gladwin, Mich.

Page 48  Willard Don Kigar #1006-4-3-1-2, b. 1936.

Page 49  Harold Leslie Kigar #1006-4-3-2, b. 3/1/1911, m. 1936 to Lucille Haldey John.

Page 50  Madonna Margrette Kigar #1006-4-3-3, b. 6/5/1914.

Page 51  Rollin George Kigar  #1006-4-3-4, b. 9/5/1918, served WWII.

Page 52  Ruth Alaine Kigar #1006-4-3-5, b. 9/?/1920

Page 53  Mary Olive Kigar #1006-4-4, b. 1/8/1888, M1 8/12/1905 to Jake E. Sheefel b. 10/21/1883, d._______. M2 ______Welling. Their children Beulah Clarice, James Dorris, Ruth Naomi, Roma Cathryn, Clee Jeanette, Evelyn Marjorie and Dale Jene. Still living in Anderson, Ind.

Page 54  Beulah Clarice Sheefel #1006-4-4-1, b. 8/22/1906, m. 4/5/1931 to Charles Loren Turner b. 8/17/____. One child, Melvin Loren, diovorced January 1936 at Peru Ind. Moved to Anderson, Ind with folks 11/28/36.

George Kigar (Kiger, Kyger, Keiger, etc.)

1  George Kigar
 Born    1741, Pennsylvania
 Died   December 12, 1835, Lancaster Ohio
 Buried Reigel Cemetery Row 7, grave 166. Fairfield Co., Ohio

Catherine (or Margaret) Beeler  (Note 1)
 Born   Before 1766
 Died   1820-25, Fairfield Co., Ohio (note 1)
    child of_________

1-1 Mary Kigar  (1760?) Married George, Barney or Frederick Free
1-2 Catherine Kigar  (1762?) Married ? Hatton/Harden
1-3 Adam Kigar  (1764?) (Maybe the Adam Kiger, age 87, born Va., living in the  home of Amanuel  Kiger, Posey Twp., Rush Co., Indiana  1860 census, page 535A. Adam Kyger, 70-80, Anderson Twp., Rush Co., Ind. 1840 census, page 160A.)
1-4 Jacob Kigar  (1766?) (May be the same Jacob Kiger in Franklin Co., Kentucky 
    1820, 1830 and 1840 census.
1-5 Elizabeth Kigar  (1768?) Married 1, Wm. McKenny, May 20, 1800, Park Co., Va. 
    Married 2, Jacob Russell. Elizabeth and Jacob Russell sold land in 
    Fairfield Co., Ohio to Wm. Kiger in 1815. Elizabeth probably 
    deceased at the time of father’s will in 1825. 
1-6 Peter Kigar  1770, Maryland, died 1851, Franklin Co., Ky. Lived in home of 
    David Trout 1850 Franklin Co., Ky. Census, 1820 lived in Hocking     Twp.,  Fairfield Co., Ohio.  Lived in Berkeley County, Virginia 
    1810. Entered service from Fairfield Co., Ohio War of 1812, 
    served under Capt Wm.Riley, Nat’l Archives BLWt. 22 707-80-50.
1-7 George Kiger Jr.  1777, died Feb 14 1854, Henry Co., Indiana, married Jane Adams, 
    April 3, 1801, Berkeley Co., Va. Lived Berkeley Co., Va., 1810 
    census. Lived Hancock Co., Indiana, Oct 24, 1850. Served from 
    Fairfield Co., Ohio war of 1812 wt. 21371-80-55. (This George 
    always used the Kiger spelling with one exception of the name 
    being spelled Keiger.)
1-8 Henry Kigar  Born 1779 Va., died March 10 1879, Amanda Twp, Fairfield Co., 
    Ohio. Married Mary (Polly)Duckwald (also Dolldeck, Waltuc, etc.) 
    Jan 10, 1804 Martinsburg, Berkeley Co., Va. Not listed in Berkeley     Co., Va. 1810 census but first two children born there 1806, ca 
    1809, third child born March 1811 near Lancaster, Fairfield Co., 
    Ohio, last three children born Berkeley Co., Va. Listed in Berkeley 
    Co., Va. 1820 census, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 Fairfield Co., Ohio 
    census. Served War of 1812 with Capt George Newkirk’s Co., of 
    Va. Militia, Nat’l Archives wc 27716 file.
1-9 John Kigar  Born 1785-87, Berkeley Co., Va., died Jan 4, 1842, Adams Twp., 
    then Henry Co., Now Defiance Co., Ohio. Married July 27, 1810, 
    Berkeley Co., Va., by Rev., Mr. Ambrose to Mary Thompson. 
    “John Kyger” bought 125 acres from “Henry and Polly Kyger” 
    Sept 18, 1809, Deed book 21, page 483, Berkeley Co., Va. Henry 
    Kyger had bought this land from Frederick Free Jan 20, 1808. John     and Polly Kyger sold this same land to Samuel Hodges, Jr., on 
    March 13, 1815. This land originally was granted to Bryan Bruin 
    and then conveyed to  Frederick Free. John Kiger listed in 1810 
    Berkeley Co., Va.,  1820 Morgan Co., Va., 1830 Morgan Co., Va., 
    1840 Borne Twp., Fairfield Co., Ohio. His widow was listed in 
    1850 and 1860 Adams twp., Defiance Co., Ohio. John Kiger 
    served in the War of 1812 from Berkeley Co., Va. His Nat’l 
    Archives file  BLWT 192586 - 1855 - Pen O spells his name Kiger 
    and Kyger. He served in apt. Geo. Newkirk’s Corp Va. Infantry. 
    John and Mary Kiger lived in the part of Berkeley Co. From which 
    Morgan Co.was formed in 1820. Morgan Co., deed book, No 1, 
    page 90 records a deed wherin John Kigger buys land. Deed book 
    No 2, page 260 records a deed wherein John Kiger and wife Mary 
    sell the real estate so purchased in deed book no. 1. This land was 
    sold in 1831. John Kiger is the only Kiger listed in 1820 and 1830     Morgan Co. Mary (Polly) Thompson Kiger was the daughter of 
    Bennett Thompson. The Thompsons Duckwalds, Frederick Free 
    and other families listed in 1810 Berkeley Co., are also in 1830
    Morgan Co. And living near John Kiger. John and Mary Kiger and 
    family moved from Morgan Co., Virginia to Fairfield Co., Ohio 
    during the winter of 1831-32. George Kiger, 1; Peter Kiger 1-6; 
    George Kiger Jr. 1-7 and William 1-10 had moved to Fairfield Co., 
    1810-1812. Henry Kiger, 1-8, moved to Fairfield Co., 1809-1810 
    but returned to Berkeley Co., Va., and returned to Fairfield Co., 
    about 1824. Probably in late 1840 or in 1841, the John Kiger 
    family moved on to Adams twp., Henry Co., Ohio. In 1845 Adams 
    twp., became a part of the new county, Defiance Co. John died 
    there in a snowstorm.
1-10 William Kiger  Born 1789/90, Va., died after Sept 1862 Fairfield Co., Ohio, 
    married Christian (Christiana and Christina) ? Possibly married 
    Irene Waldike Sept 16, 1810 as recorded in Fairfield Co., Ohio 
    marriage records. William Kiger moved from Berkeley Co., Va., to 
    Fairfield Co., Ohio about 1810. He is listed as Head of family in 
    Fairfield Co., 1820 and it appears his parents lived in his home. His 
    father is still living in his home in 1830 Amanda Twp., Fairfield 
    Co., Ohio census. William is listed in Amanda twp., Fairfield co., 
    Ohio 1840, 1850 and 1860 census reports.

1-9 John Kigar   Born 1785-87, Berkeley Co., Va.
     Died January 4, 1842 Adams twp, then Henry Co., Ohio
     Buried “Defiance County Ohio, Ridge Road, Independence 
     Dam, 3 miles down river from Defiance to Ridge Road.
     Married July 27, 1810, Berkeley Co., Virginia by Rev. Mr 
Mary (Polly)(Mary Ester) Thompson.Born ca 1790,________Virginia.
     The child of Bennet “Benney” Thompson.

1-9-1 Bennett Kigar   May 30, 1811, Berkeley Co., Virginia
1-9-2 Daughter Kigar   1812/15, Berkeley Co., Virginia, yet living in 1840
1-9-3 George Kigar   March 1816, Berkeley or Morgan Co., Virginia
1-9-4 Son Kigar   Born before 1820, living 1830 census not in home 1840
1-9-5 Thomas Kigar   1820, Morgan Co., Virginia.
1-9-6 John Kigar   1823, Morgan Co., Virginia, m. Laura Kilpatrick
1-9-7 Joseph Kigar   1827, Morgan Co., Virginia
1-9-8 Elias Kigar   May 16, 1820, Morgan Co., Virginia
1-9-9 Samuel Gregory Kigar  July 21, 1831, Morgan Co., Virginia
1-9-10 William Kigar   1835, Fairfield Co., Ohio

 The marriage of John and Mary (Thompson) Kiger is recorded in Berkeley County, West Virginia marriage book no. 3, page 155 under the names John Kyger and Mary Thompson, witnessed by John T. Strother.
 The first deed of record to John Kyger in Berkeley Co., is in deed book 21, page 483, dated Sept 18, 1809 wherein for $350 John Kyger buys a tract on both sides of Lick Branch &Tilhnaeos Branch, formerly granted Bryan Bruin and by sundry conveyances became vested in Frederick Free who conveyed same to Henry Kyger 20th January 1808. This tract contained 125 acres. Deed book 26, page 406, March 13, 1815. John and Polly Kyger sold this same 125 acres to Samuel Hedges, Junior.
 John and Mary (Polly) Kiger (Kyger) lived in the part of Berkeley County from which Morgan County was formed in 1820. Morgan County Deed Book No. 1, page 90, records deed wherein John Kiggar purchased real estate in Morgan County. Deed Book No. 2 page 260, records a deed where in John Kiger and wife Mary, sell the real estate so purchased deed book no.1. The assessor’s land records of 1831 describes this land as on drains of Sleepy Creek and the deeds describe it as on the drains of the Potomac River. Sleepy Creek empties into the Potomac River in Sleepy Creek district which was originally was part of Berkeley County, Virginia.

The John and Mary (Thompson) Kigar family can be found in the following census reports:
 1810__Berkeley County, Virginia
 1820__Morgan County, Virginia (The only Kiger family listed)
 1830__Morgan County, Virginia (The only Kiger family listed)
 1840__Berne Township, Fairfield County, Ohio
 1850__Adams Township, Defiance County, Ohio
 1860__Adams Township, Defiance County, Ohio

 The John Kiger family moved to Fairfield County, Ohio during the winter of 1831-32.

1-9-6 John Kigar       Born______1820/24, Ridgeville, Henry County, Ohio.       Buried near Independence Dam on Ridge Road, three mile      down river from Defiance Ohio. Married Feb 27, 1847,      Putnam County, Ohio, by Moses Predmore.

Laura Ann Kilpatrick     Born Nov 16, 1827, Pike County, Ohio, 
     died Jan 27 1891, Payne, Ohio. 
     Buried Lehman Cemetery, Payne Ohio. 
     5th child of  William and Ester (Mead) Kilpatrick.

1-9-6-1 Sarah Jane Kigar  Jan 26, 1848, married Henry Anglemeyer-Jones
1-9-6-2 Mary Ester Kigar  Aug 1, 1850, married Henry G. Hurd
1-9-6-3 William Henry Kigar  April 2, 1853, married Mary Fieldmire
1-9-6-4 George Washington Kigar July 14, 1854 Mary Jane Thompson
1-9-6-5 Catherine Elizabeth Kigar Feb 7, 1856, married Wilson Fauver.
1-9-6-6 Nancy Melissa Kigar  March 10, 1858 married Rev. Barney Elliot Warren.
1-9-6-7 John Wesley Kigar  Feb 17, 1860 married Lucinda Catherine Thompson
1-9-6-8 Bennett Franklin Kigar April 17, 1862---Oct 8 1862.
1-9-6-9 Stephen A. Douglas Kigar Oct 14 1863---Oct 16 1863.
1-9-6-10 Ann E. Kigar  Aug 23, 1864---Aug 23, 1864.
1-9-6-11 Elias Jasper Kigar  Sept 10, 1865, married Harriet Eliza Smith.
1-9-6-12 Albert Leroy Kigar  April 4, 1868, married Ella Rhinearson.

The marriage of John and Laura Ann Kilpatrick-Kigar is of record in Putnam County, Ohio record of marriages Vol A., page 87 although her name is incorrectly listed as “Lucy Ann Kilnstrick.”

John Kigar was a private in Company B, 184th Regiment of Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He inlisted at Napoleon, Ohio January 21, 1865, and he mustered out with his company at Nashville, Tennessee, on Sept 20, 1865. His brother Samuel G., and Willard served in the same outfit for the same period. His brothers Elias and Joseph, also served in the civil war but in other regiments. John Kigar had the lime fever while at Camp Chase while in service there and afterwards died from the effect of the same. His widow Laura received a Civil war widow’s pension of twelve dollars per month. Her pension certificate number was 267226. The civil war records and documents of John Kigar are on record at the National Archives, file number  WC 267226.

John and Laura (Kilpatrick) Kigar spent most of their married life in Henry County, Ohio. However their second child was born in Indiana according to 1860 federal census. After the death of  John the Kigar and Kilpatrick families helped Laura raise her children. Elias J. Kiger, spoke of spending much time with his uncle Samuel G. Kigar, and in the home of his grandmother “Granny Mary Ester Kigar,” and his bachelor uncle George Kigar.

Sometime after the death of John, Laura’s brother the Rev. Alexander J. Kilpatrick, brought her to his home in Benton Township, Paulding County, Ohio. Ohio 1880 census for Paulding County lists the home of Alexander J. Kilpatrick and living with him are Laura-Kigar, Elias Kigar, Albert Kigar and the father of A.J. Kilpatrick and Laura A. Kigar, Albert Kigar and the father of A.J. Kilpatrick had a house built for his sister Laura, near the old “fountian of sulfur” in Payne, Ohio. The building of the house was done by William Linnenus, Kilpatrick nephew, and by John W. Kigar, her son. Possession of Vivian-Lou (Martin) Reuter, 1-9-6-4-1-9,and was given 10/18/83 to her by R. Dale Kigar, 1-9-6-11-2

1-9-6-4  George Washington Kigar  Born July 4th 1854, Henry County, Ohio
      Died July 3rd 1934
      Buried Payne Ohio
      Married May 18th, 1880.

              Mary Jane Thompson  Born July 28th, 1858, Ridgeville, Henry Co., Ohio
      Died February 16th. Anderson Indiana 1941.

1-9-6-4-1 Bertha Lucinda Kigar  Born August 24th 1881, died Jan 23 1971
1-9-6-4-2 Bessie Belle Kigar   Born Oct 12th 1883, died Dec 12th 1894
1-9-6-4-3 Harry Kigar   Born March 5th 1886, died Aug 1st 1963
1-9-6-4-4 Olive Kigar   Born January 8th 1888, still living as of 2/7/1978
1-9-6-4-5 Clair Kigar    Born June 16th, 1890, died April 3rd 1977
1-9-6-4-6 Charles Kigar   Born February 14th, 1893, still living as of 2/7/1978
1-9-6-4-7 Leslie Kigar   Born October 16th., 1897, died Nov 5th 1966.

Children of Bertha Lucinda Kigar and William M. Martin

1-9-6-4-1-1  Mary Leila   Born August 24th 1903, still living as of Jan 1979
1-9-6-4-1-2  Marion Pauline   Born September 22nd 1906, died October 21st 1946
1-9-6-4-1-3  Bertha Enid   Born June 20th, 1908, still living as of Jan 1979
1-9-6-4-1-4  Bessie Olive   Born Dec 3rd 1910, still living as of Jan 1979
1-9-6-4-1-5  William Kigar   Born Nov 22nd 1912, died Jan 17th 1919
1-9-6-4-1-6  Albert Ralph   Born Feb 21st 1915, still living as of Jan 1979
1-9-6-4-1-7  Orval Floyd   Born Nov 12th 1917, still living as of Jan 1979
1-9-6-4-1-8  George    Born June 22nd 1920, died July 5th 1921
1-9-6-4-1-9  Vivan Lou   Born July 15th 1920, still living as of Jan 1979
1-9-6-4-1-10 Paul Leslie   Born Nov 24th 1924, died Feb 2nd 1943.

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