John Asher Dunn Ancestry
1. Alexander Kilpatrick (~1690-~1738) emigrated from Donegal, Ireland, to Charleston, SC, in 1720s or 1730s, moved to Congarees, Saxa Gotha Township, Craven Co, SC, married __ MacGillivray, dghtr of the Laird Farquhard MacGillivray of Dunmaglass in Scotland and Emilia Stewart of Newtowne in Scotland.  Farquahrd MacGillivray was the chief of his clan from 1679 to 1714. The children of Alexander Kilpatrick and __ MacGillivray: 

1.1 Thomas Kilpatrick (b~1716) 
1.2 Alexander Kilpatrick (b~1718) 
1.3 Elizabeth Kilpatrick (b~1720) 

1.2 Alexander Kilpatrick (~1718-12 May 1805), born in Ireland, died at Coneross Creek, Pendleton District, SC, married ~1763 Judith Clark in Mecklenberg Co, NC.  The children of 1.2 Alexander Kilpatrick and Judith Clark: 

1.2.1 John Clark Kilpatrick (b 1763) 
1.2.2 James Kilpatrick (b~1765) 
1.2.3 William Kilpatrick (b~1770) 
1.2.4 Mary Kilpatrick (b~1780) 
1.2.5 Alexander Kilpatrick (b~1784) 
1.2.6 Elizabeth Kilpatrick (b~1786) 
1.2.7 Peter Kilpatrick (b~1786 
1.2.8 Judith Kilpatrick (b~1790) 

1.2.2 James Kilpatrick (~1765-~1821), born in Mecklenburg Co, NC, died in Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama, married ~1795 at Coneross Plantation, Pendleton District, SC, Sarah Doughty (~1774-~1820), dghtr of Joseph  Doughty of Pendleton District, SC, and Nancy (Ann) __.  The children of 1.2.2 James Kilpatrick and Sarah Doughty: Alexander Kilpatrick (~1796-~1876) John Clark Kilpatrick (b~1798) William C. Kilpatrick (b~1800) __ Kilpatrick (b~1800) Joseph Doughty Kilpatrick (b~1805) Flood McGrew Kilpatrick (b~1808) Benjamin Franklin Kilpatrick (b~1808) Mary Kilpatrick (b. 24 Mar 1812) Margaret Kilpatrick (b~1814) Alexander Kilpatrick (~1796-~1876), b. at Coneross Creek,  Pendleton District, SC, d. in Calhoun Co, MS, married ~1830 Elizabeth Gore (~1811-~1879), dghtr of Thomas Tindall Gore and Nancy Sanders. The children of Alexander KilpatricK and Elizabeth Gore: Nancy J. Kilpatrick (b~1834) Frances M. Kilpatrick (b~1837) Sarah Kilpatrick (b~1840) Savannah A. Kilpatrick (b~1844) Elizabeth Alexandra Kilpatrick (1845-1922) Elizabeth Alexandra Kilpatrick (10 Mar 1845-24 Nov 1922), born in Chickasaw Co, MS, died in Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co, OK, married 16 Nov 1871 to the Reverend John Martin Dunn (1833-1917) of Montgomery Co, NC, son of  William Dunn and Christian Martin.  the Honorable Joseph Durrell Dunn (1893-1968) John Edwin Dunn (1913-1975) John Asher Dunn (b 1939)

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