Kilpatrick Family Lines
This section is for the various Kilpatrick family ancestry lines.  Anyone who is related to the Kilpatrick families can have their ancestry line posted in this section.  Hopefully we will be able to make links from the various familes to show the relationships.   Email information to, or mail to CyberClan Kilpatrick, P. O. Box 75608, New River, AZ 85087
John Allen Kilpatrick Ancestry - Hugh Kilpatrick born before 1750

John Asher Dunn Ancestry - Alexander Kilpatrick, born 1690

Danica Carver Ancstry - John Kilpatrick, born February 2, 1798

Carrie E. Bodensteiner Ancestry - Lukas Kilpatrick, born April 2, 1776

Descendants of John Milton Kilpatrick

Peter Kilpatrick Ancestry - John Kilpatrick born after 1780 - Scotland

William G. Kilpatrick Ancestry - John Kilpatrick born after 1780 - Scotland

Polly Ann (Weldon) Siegel Ancestry - Margaret Kilpatrick before 1830 - Scotland

Some Descendants of Brice Kilpatrick

Descendants of John Alfred Hall & Martha J. Kilpatrick - Married 1843

Descendants of Azariah Kilpatrick - born January 11, 1822

Descendants of Robert Kilpatrick - born 1836, Glasgow, Scotland

Betty Mintz Photographic Family Tree