Family of  "Bob" and Lydia Newman Kilpatrick
The Kilpatrick  family, originally of Ireland, came via Rutherford County, North Carolina, to Cherokee County, North Carolina.  Various sources state that Kilpatrick and Kirkpatrick are of  the same origin - that origin being the Revolutionary Soldier Hugh Kilpatrick and his wife, Martha McClure.  Legend has it that the religious purge caused some to assume the prefix Kirk, which supposedly  was Catholic, while others remained with the prefix Kil, which was said to be Protestant.  Be that as it may, we have documented proof  of  one Kirkpatrick  family in Davis, California, which descends directly  from Revolutionary  soldier Hugh Kilpatrick, just as does our very own 1927 Bobby Howard, "Bob" Kilpatrick.

Bob Kilpatrick, born 16 July 1927, is a supervisor with Tennessee Chemical Company of Copperhill, Tennessee.  Bob married Lydia  Ann Newman, daughter of  1887 Oscar N. and Oralee Pack Newman.  Lydia is supervisor of the business office at Copper Basin Medical Facility.

Bob and Lydia Newman Kilpatrick have two daughters.  Marian Jeannine, born 14 February 1953, is computer programmer for Tennessee Chemical Co., Copperhill, Tennessee.  She is married to Eddie Annanias Payne, who is a teacher in the Georgia school system.  Jeannine and Eddie have two children, a son, Zachary Ryan Payne, age 5 years, and another son, Nicholas Aaron Payne, age 7 months.

The second daughter of Lydia and Bob, Debra Ann, born 8 January 1957, previously with C & S Bank in Athens, Georgia, is  currently  a teller  with Ducktown Branch Bank in Copperhill, Tennessee.  Debra is married to Ronald Stephen Thomas, who was a student at University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, during the period his wife Debra was a bank teller in that city.  Debra and " Ron" have one child, a daughter, Jessica Brooke Thomas, age 4 1/2 years.

Bob Kilpatricks father, William Fred Kilpatrick, born  l897, marriedin l9l9 toLillie Talitha Crawford and were parents of  six children, namely: Fred Jack, James Sterling, Daniel Crawford, Ruth Margaret,  Bobby Howard "Bob," and  Harold Dean.  Bob's grandfather, Elias Patton Kilpatrick, was born in 1866.  Elias married Mary Emaline West, of Cherokee County, North Carolina, daughter of John Wesley West.  Mary Emaline was a granddaughter of John Wiley West, born 1826 and great- granddaughter of Wm. Preston West, born 1797.  The children of 1866 Elias Patton and Mary Emaline West Kilpatrick were: Bertha, born 1881; Cora, born 1893:  Mary Lou Dora, born 1895; Wm. Fred (Bob's father) born 1897: Arthur Alonzo, born 1905; Grace, born 1913.

Bob's great-grandfather, M. D. (Miles Dickson) Kilpatrick was born 1842, in Cherokee County, North Carolina.  He married Betty Coleman of Cherokee County, North Carolina.  Both great- grandparents are buried at Liberty,  North Carolina.  The children of 1842, M. D. and Betty  Coleman Kilpatrick were: Elias Patton, born 1866; Mary Ellen, born 1868; Arbezine, born 1870: Samantha, born 1872; Ella, born 1874; Parthenia, born 1875; Olivan, born 1878 and Stella, born 1887.

Bob's great-great-grandfather, Elias Milton Kilpatrick, was born in South Carolina in 1798.  He married Mary B. Wood of  lredell County, North Carolina, born 1798, daughter of James Wood and his wife, Jane Watt(s).  Their children were: Martha Miranda, born 1827; Andrew Jackson, born 1828;  Jane Elizabeth, born 1831,  Mary Caroline, born 1833; Nancy Adaline, born 1835, Elias Milton, Jr., born 1837, Charity Emaline, born 1840, Miles Dickson (Bob's great-grandfather) born 1842.

Bob Kilpatricks great-great-great-grandfather, 1766 Joseph Milton Kilpatrick married Martha Harrison.  The children of  Joseph and Martha were: Elias Milton  (Bob's great-greatgrandfather) born 1798;  Basil E., born 1809;  Balis J.; Elizabeth, born 1801: Bennett Stephen, born 1811, changed to "Kirk"; Silas Fain, born 1803.

Bob's great-great-great-great-grandfather, Hugh Kilpatrick, the Revolutionary Soldier, married Martha  McClure and were parents of: Joseph Milton, born 1766 (Bob's great-great-great- grandfather:  Jane married Isaac Lollar;  Mary (Polly) married John Driscoll;  James married 7 January 1809 to Polly Metcalf, daughter of Warner Metcalf.

 Sources: Bible and cemetaries.

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From the Cherokee County, North Carolina, Historical Society
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