James Kilpatrick Family
James Kilpatrick,  born December. 19, 1787, died May 31, 1871 in Rutherford County, N.C., married. January 12, 1809 to Mary P. Metcalf, born Mar. 12, 1792 and died July 8,1861.

James Kilpatrick was the son of Hugh Kilpatrick, Revolutionary Soldier, enlisted August 1, 1782 as a Private in Lytles Company, and served 18 months. (Col.  Records North Carolina Vol.  XVI, Page 1099).  Hugh Kilpatrick appears in Rutherford County, N.C. in the Census of 1790 with two sons under sixteen and five females in his family.

Jane A. Kilpatrick's mother, Mary P. Metcalf,  was the daughter of Warner Metcalf, born 1762 at Pee Dee River section, South Carolina, married April 12, 1785 at Lincoln County, N.C. to Elizabeth Kilpatrick; born 1766 at Lincoln County and died Dec. 8, 1845 at Rutherford County.  Elizabeth Kilpatrick was the daughter of William Kilpatrick and Margaret Dickey.

Mary P. Metcalf's father, Warner Metcalf, appears on a list of pensioners as a private in the Revolutionary War Colonial Records North Carolina XXII Page 77.  He enlisted as a Drummer in 1777 under Captain James Taylor when 15 years of age and served one year and 9 mos. (Pension Declaration).  He married Elizabeth Kilpatrick April 12, 1785 in Lincoln County  adjoining Rutherford County.  In the photostatic copies of the originals in the family and also on file in the Pension Bureau, he was in the Battle of Kings Mountain,

He marched to Augusta, Georgia and to Savannah, Georgia.  He tells of hardships endured in the service of the Revolutionary War, furnishing his own arms, ammunition and clothing, provision and blankets.  Elizabeth Metcalf survived him and the number of her Widow File is 4281.  His daughter Mary P. Metcalf married James Kilpatrick in 1809.  Their third child was Jane A. Kilpatrick born Aug. 30, 1816.  In the Census of 1790 Warner Metcalf is credited with two sons  under 16 and a daughter. 

Afterwards served in South Carolina at the battle of Cowpens under Captain Hardin.  In 1780 Volunteer under Captain James Miller at Kings Mountain.

Children of James Kilpatrick and Mary P. Metcalf: Eliza R. Kilpatrick, b. Dec. 14, 1811, died May 21, 1863, married James Taylor; Madison Hugh Kilpatrick born Dec. 18, 1813, married Martha W. Lynch; Jane Adeline Kilpatrick born Aug. 30, 1816, died Aug. 29, 1891 at Cherokee County, married George Whery Dickey of Rutherford County, Feb. 18, 1836;  Allen D. Kilpatrick born March 9, 1818, Rutherford Co., died Jan. 17, 1859 Cherokee County, married Angeline Henry of Cherokee
County;  Catherine W. Kilpatrick born Oct. 16, 1821, married John Brady Dickey, son of George Dickey and brother of George Whery Dickey;  Martha T. Kilpatrick born May 15, 1824, died June 15, 1835, married Alfred Hall;  Mary C. Kilpatrick, born Feb. 26, 1827, died July 2, 1861, married Rev.  William Bowman, M.E. Church.  Elvira M. Kilpatrick, born May 24, 1831, died Oct. 24, 1855, married Noah Garnner;  James W. Kilpatrick, born Dec. 3, 1833, died May 31. 1863.

Notes Written by Tom C. Dickey:

George Whery married Polly Taylor (or Polly Dickey), sister of George Whery Dickey.

Katie Metcalf, sister of Mary P. Metcalf and others, married Jerry Williams who was the mother of Gay Williams, Henry Williams and Samantha Williams, who married William Ellington, father of Horace Ellington.

The Dickey and Christopher relationship was brought about when Billie Christopher married a Taylor, sister to Hannah Taylor Dickey, our great-grandmother. George Dickey married Hannah Taylor, daughter of Joshua Taylor, born 1745, Rev.  War  ancestor, and her mother was Hannah Steele. Joshua Tailor was the son of Robert Tailor, born 1807, Rev. War soldier.  His mother Jane A. Kilpatrick was the wife of George Where Dickey and the daughter of James Kilpatrick and Mary P. Metcalf. Robert Tailor furnished beef for the Army F 6-l a S, and when it was finally paid he was interest S 1 0-10 (North Carolina Revolutionary Act.  Vol.  Xi, page 55 Folio 2).

Sources: All Kilpatrick and Metcalf dates from a Bible once the property of James Kilpatrick.  Dates of George Dickey and Hannah Tailor Dickey from  tombstone record  (certified copy).

Sheila Bayless

From the Cherokee County, North Carolina, Historical Society.
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