Joseph Milton Kilpatrick
My great-great-grandfather was Joseph Milton.  It seems he used both names, Kilpatrick and Kirkpatrick.  He was born about 1766 and the first documented record found is his marriage to Martha Harrison (8-4-1789) in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.  He used the name Kilpatrick on the license.  They moved to Chester County, South Carolina and then about 1808-1810 to Haywood County, North Carolina.  There he bought land and used the name Kirkpatrick.  He died there and was buried at Mt. Zion Methodist Church as a Kirkpatrick.  Joseph and Martha had 10 children, 8 boys and 2 girls.  Five of his boys used the name Kilpatrick and three the Kirkpatrick name.  Their fifth child, Balis Jackson, was my great-grandfather (8-2-1796) who married Mary Plott (or Hunter).  Her maiden name has not been documented, since the records were destroyed by fire in 1828.  Balis Jackson and a brother, Elias Milton, moved to Macon County, North Carolina and bought land in the sale of Indian land.  Elias Milton also bought large tracts of land in lower Cherokee County and raised his family there. Another brother, Basil E. also lived in Cherokee and in the mid-1800's my great grandfather, Balis J., moved to Cherokee County and most of them are buried in Liberty Cemetery.

Balis and Mary had ten children, one of which was Elias, my grandfather.  He married Sara Jane (Sally) Coffee.  They lived in Cherokee County and Clay County and had five children (Hezakiah, Mary Elizabeth, Morgan Lee, Sarah Ann and Athen).  Morgan Lee was my father (10-23-1870).  He married Amanda Mason (4-14-1875) on May 17, 1891.  They lived in Macon County until their death.  They had 13 children of which 1, Joseph Cad, was the 10th child born to this union on March 15, 1911. I married Laura Lucille Cowan (2-28-10) April 4. 1931.  We moved to Asheville, North Carolina and lived there from the time we were married until the year 1947 when we moved to Murphy to go into business for ourselves.  We built and operated the Peachtree Farm and Home Supply as well as the Peachtree Texaco Service Center until our retirement in 1974.  We had three children (Patsy Carlene.  Sybil Maxine and Joseph Cad, Jr.).

Carlene (3-3-34) married Robert Essco Ramsey of Oak Ridge, Tennessee 8-4-54 and there were 3 children of this union. (1) Robert Victor (2-13-56) married Judy Parchment (1-18-56) on 12-31-77 and they have 3 children (Stephen, Martin and Beth) and live in Moyack, North Carolina where he pastors the Moyack Baptist Church. (2) Pamela Sue (7-13-57) married Dean Oberg 8-7-76 and they have 2 children (Matthew Dean and Laura Sue) and live in Ovilla, Texas. (3) Marc Everett (4-11-59) married Janice Sawyer (I 2-15-59) on April 11, 1979.  They had 2 children (Jacob and Jessica) and live in Mesa, Arizona.

Carlene married Herbert N. Bates (5-6-33) on 4-2-77.  There were no children of this union.  They live in Marietta, Ga. and both work for IBM.

Sybil Maxine (10-11-35) married Harold Gunter of Oak Ridge, Tennessee on 11-6-70.  There were no children of this union.  They live In Knoxville, Tennessee where Maxine is a buyer for Martin- Marietta Corporation.

Joseph Carl, Jr. (8-17-41) married Verniece Raper (3-1-42) on December 31, 1960.  They had two daughters (Kimberly Dawn, 7-6-70 and Erin Elizabeth 5-30-72). and live in Atlanta, Georgia where Joe works as an engineer with Delta Air Lines.

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 J.C. Kilpatrick

From the Cherokee County, North Carolina, Historical Society.
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