General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick
Born in New Jersey in 1836 and 
graduated from West Point in 1861, 
the same class as another cavalryman 
with a colorful reputation named 
George Armstrong Custer.  After the 
Civil War, Kilpatrick left the Army 
and was appointed US Minister to 
the Republic of Chile.  His second wife 
was a Chilean woman, and it was from 
this union that his great- granddaughter, 
the fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt 
is traced.
Stevensburgh, Va.  General Judson Kilpatrick, 3rd Division, Cavalry Corps, with ladies and staff members on the porch of headquarters. 

Photograph from the main eastern theatre of war, winter quarters at Brandy Station, December 1863 - April 1864.

Notes:  Civil War photographs, 1861-1865/ compiled by Hirst D. Milhollen and Donald H. Mugridge, Washington, D.C., Library of Congress 1977 No. 0273

Kilpatrick was as fiery and unpredictable in Chile as on the battlefields of the Civil War, and took sides, with Chile, in an escalating crisis that threatened war with Peru.  Kilpatrick died in Santiago in 1881, and his remains were returned to the US for burial at West Point - his grave is within a stone's throw of Custer, Buford, Cushing, Grimes Davis and other famous leaders.  Kilpatrick even during the war suffered from kidney disease -- he sometimes had a hard time keeping in the saddle due to pain (according to his pension file and his Chief of Staff, Llewellyn Estes) -- his death came from Bright's Disease.
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