Ben Kilpatrick - The Tall Texan
Ben Kilpatrick was born in Coleman Texas on January 5, 1874.  Not too much is known about his early life, but he did show up as a member of the Wild Bunch headed up by Butch Cassidy in 1900 in a Photograph taken at San Antonio, Texas.  On July 3, 1901, Ben Kilpatrick, Harvey Logan, and Camillo Hanks robbed the Great Northern train near Wagner, Montana.  On November 5, 1901, Ben Kilpatrick and his girlfriend Laura Bullion were arrested in St. Louis, Missouri, for passing stolen bank notes.  On December 12, 1901, Ben and Laura pleasd guilty to passing and forging stolen bank notes and were sentenced to prision.  On May 29, 1911, Ben was released from the federal penitentiary at Atlanta, Georga and on March 12, 1912 he was killed during the robbery of a GH & SA train near Sanderson, Texas.  He is buried in the Cedar Grove Cemetery, Sanderson, Texas, USA

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The Tall Texan

The Wild Bunch
Standing in rear, left to right - Will Carver, Kid Curry (Harvey Logan)
Front, left to right - Sundance Kid (Harry Longabaugh), Ben Kilpatrick, Butch Cassidy (Robert Leroy Parker)

Cedar Grove Cemetery, Sanderson, Texas, USA

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