William Wallace's Denial
"....I cannot be a traitor for I owe him (Edward I) no allegiance. He is not my sovereign; for he never recieved my homage; and whilst life is in this persecuted body, he never shall recieve it. To the other points where of I am accused, I freely confess them all. 

As governor of my country I have been an enemy to it's enemies; I have slain the english; I have mortally opposed the english king; I have stormed and taken the towns and castles which he unjustly claimed as his own. If I or my soldiers have plundered or done injury to the houses or ministers of religion, I repent me of my sin; but it is not of Edward of England I shall ask pardon." 

William Wallace's retort to Sir Peter Mallorie (the king's justice) before his execution in London the next day. 

Date of execution:- August 23 1305

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