The Kilt Pin
Do you know the real story of the kilt pin? 

Before the reign of Queen Victoria, the Scottish kilt was worn without the kilt pin now used to secure the foldover on the right-hand side. As a result, there were many embarrassing moments, especially if you wore the kilt in a high wind. The awful truth was that nothing in the nature of an undergarment was worn with the kilt! 

One day Queen Victoria arrived on a visit to Balmoral Castle and reviewed the Gordon Highlanders. A stiff wind was blowing, and one young soldier, at rigid attention, was unable to control the flapping of his kilt and was mortified at the thought of exposure on this important occasion. The Queen noticing how much he was embarrassed walked over to him and removed a pin from her own dress, leaned over and pinned the overlap of his kilt. 

And that, believe it or not is the origin of the kilt pin. 

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